Listen to the warning signs!

If your dashboard lights are coming on, don't wait for them to turn themselves off! Our vehicle diagnostics team can assist in identifying whatever underlying issues you have with your vehicle in Bedworth. We're on hand today to resolve any problems that you may not know about.


Using specialist car fault finding equipment, we can give your vehicle a complete check to see where any anomalies are flaring up. With a prompt and efficient service, we can ensure that your car doesn't suffer any lasting, undetected damage.


How can our vehicle diagnostics help?

  • Car fault finding

  • All systems scanned

  • Check and clear fault codes

  • Affordable and necessary repairs

  • Preventative measures for future problems

  • Identifying main issues

  • On-board system checks

  • Engine diagnostics and more

Don't know why your dashboard light is on?

Our vehicle diagnostics can identify the problem


Give your car a full health check in Bedworth with our specialist team. Call us on 02476 673 100